Manguson Park Motherhood Session


As a mom, I feel like we never have enough photos with our kids. We are always the ones behind the camera, chasing our little ones and trying to capture the perfect moments. We ensure that we capture memories for everyone else, but rarely get any photographs of ourselves. This is why motherhood and family photography is near and dear to my heart. The moments with our kids are fleeting and I love giving my clients, especially moms, something to look back on for years to come.

I met up with Patty and Moises the beautiful Magnuson Park field, one of my favorite locations to photograph, and we chatted about all things motherhood and kids. Patty shared that she was a widow and it was immediately obvious that the bond she and Moises shared was unique, special and unbreakable. I loved getting to know this little family and it filled my heart with happiness to create these sweet memories for them.

Mother hugging son in a park in Seattle
Mother embracing son in a park in Seattle
Mother and son walking in the park in Seattle
Little boy running
Mother kissing son on the forehead
Mother lovingly looking at son
Mother and son looking at each other lovingly
Mother and son sitting on a blanket having a picnic
Mother and son hugging on a blanket
Mother and son hugging and looking away
Mother and son standing in the distance
Mother and sun lounging on a blanket in Seattle
Mother and son walking away on a trail in Seattle park

Tanya Zagumenov // Seattle motherhood photographer / Seattle family photographer / Magnuson Park Family Session


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